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Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation

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This course is an all in-compassing course as all companies and organization make use of M&E from time to time. In fact, globally, there is increasing demand from multilateral agencies, funding bodies as well as boards of private companies for a strong demonstration that projects are being monitored and evaluated effectively. Effective project monitoring allows a project team to make appropriate decisions on a day-to-day basis and ensures that projects are carried out as planned and modified when necessary. Successful programs and projects begin from a pre-planned series of activities and events. However, things rarely work out exactly as planned. Managers must therefore periodically monitor selected indicators and measure performance during implementation so they can make timely adjustments where necessary, as well as subsequently determine the extent to which the program or project achieved its objectives. You will particularly find this course very interesting irrespective of your field or specialization.

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Entry Requirements

Diploma and First Degree (Waiver: High School (O’Level) with minimum of 2 years work experience in a related field can apply).

Learning Outcomes

By the time you complete this course, you should be able to:

1. Understand the concept of effective project monitoring and evaluation

2. Understand strategies and techniques for monitoring and evaluating projects

3. Prepare monitoring and evaluation systems & plans

4. Implement the monitoring and evaluation systems & plans

Course Outline

Project Management Overview

The concept of effective Project M&E & Results-Based Management (RBM)

Setting project objectives & targets that facilitates effective M&E

Tools, methods and approaches for facilitating monitoring and evaluation

Results-based & participatory M&E

Planning for and Executing on the Monitoring and Evaluation Processes

Logical Framework Analysis (LFA)

Using MS Project for Monitoring Projects

Earned Value Analysis

People performance within M&E Project

Collection, analysis and storage of M&E information

Communicating and reporting M&E findings

Application of all of the above directly to projects


Due to emerging global trends, changes in the world and globalization across borders, our course outline, regularly change from time to time to meet up with this development and gives you leverage in a competitive world.

Teaching Methodology

The concepts in this course will be taught using a combination of lecture, discussion, and dialogue around cases, with emphasis on active learning. A case is a comprehensive exposition of a real managerial situation describing a set of problems and requiring a plan of action. The case method provides a pragmatic framework for the learning process. Its success depends heavily on student preparation and active participation in class discussions.

Course Assessment

To complete this course successfully, students must achieve a passing grade of 50% or higher on the overall course. This will include assignments and option test exam.

Study Modes

Classroom Online

4 Weeks

2 Weeks

Study Tips

  • 1. Come to class regularly and on time
  • 2. Be fully prepared and ready to participate in every class.
  • 3. Find learning and positive experiences with your classmates and the instructor.
  • 4. Read, prepare and turn in your assignments on time.
  • 5. If asked by the instructor to give your opinion on a topic, give your best answer.
  • 6. Willingly and unselfishly share your ideas, experiences, and opinions to the class.
  • 7. Appreciate the opinions and values of your classmates and be respectful
  • 8. Don’t be noisy; don’t interrupt anyone and do well to keep your argument professional.
  • 9. Keep what happens in class professional and confidential.
  • 10. If you cannot make it to class, please let the instructor know in advance.

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